Let’s get back to the kitchen!

This salad is full of flavour, filling, and packed with veggies.

A lot of the pieces can be made ahead of time and assembled at the last minute.

  • Use any canned fish you have in your pantry like anchovies, canned tuna, and Sardines.
  • Use green, black, or Kalamata olives.
  • Use crispy long beans (cook in boiled water with salt for a short time), hard boiled eggs, and boiled potatoes.
  • Use tomatoes of any size and colour.
  • Use any lettuce leaves you have available, preferably Romaine lettuce.
  • Use your favourite vinaigrette or make one using red, white wine or balsamic vinegar.  I like to add thinly sliced red onions to the vinaigrette.



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